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Paying more for extended support, on top of your regular support contract, is a heavy pill to swallow. Qube 6 offers FREE support as long as you are current on your maintenance and scheduled to upgrade within the next 6 months.

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TeamSite 16.3

A few of the highlights that come with an upgraded TeamSite.

Mobile First

Now, you can create a hybrid mobile app directly from the source – by using an existing TeamSite-generated site or a subfolder of a TeamSite site (such as a campaign microsite).

Integration with Optimost

TeamSite 16.3 is integrated with OpenText™ Optimost. Now, you can create experiments and view reports without having to leave eStudio.

Flexible Templates

Creating and editing pages just got even easier. Your web team won’t have to waste precious time creating new templates for every minor deviation from standard pages. They can set up flexible templates by designating components as “placeholders” that can be swapped out for other component types.

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